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July 14, 2013:

Dan'l Pierce rejoins Access Analytics in a temporary technical consulting role

Dan'l Pierce will be consulting to Access Analytics to further enhance the parallelism of BCSLIB-EXT and BCSLIB-GPU.

Access Analytics, BCSLIB-EXT, and BCSLIB-GPU (the CUDA enablement of BCSLIB-EXT) can solve the problems you and your engineers or customers really want to solve.

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November, 2013:

Access Analytics renews contract with
D&B Financing

Access Analytics International renewed their contract with Central Mindanao micro-lending firm D&B Financing to provide business operations and credit worthiness analytics.

Access Analytics International provides advanced analytical tools and services for engineering and data analysis.

Our premier offering is BCSLIB-EXT, an advanced analytic engine for use in finite element analysis, optimization and data analysis tool suites.

We also provide world class professional services to aid customers to fully exploit advanced analytics.

What we do

License BCSLIB-EXT or BCSLIB-GPU in binary or source code form.

Customize and integrate BCSLIB-EXT capabilities for your applications' needs.

Parallelization and code tuning for high performance computing platforms.

Provide established expertise in analysis code development and perform specific algorithm development and implementation.

Quickly develop and aid you in deploying the business analytics you need, whether it's data mining to reveal marketing opportunities or predictive analytics to augment your management expertise, or process simulations for the redesign of ket operational processes, we have the expertise and proven success to address your business needs.

How we can help you

If your company is providing analysis products to engineering or data analysis markets, Access Analytics has superior analytic engines to augment your differentiation in the market.

If your development cycle is falling behind the market needs, or your development costs are preventing you from being the leader, then Access Analytics can help you to overcome these hurdles.

If you're looking for innovation to address a new problem then Access Analytics can provide you with the insight and leadership to develop the required analytics and get them built for you in an efficient and effective manner.

Contact us and learn how you can increase your company's profits and access the best analytic tools, solutions, and services available.

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