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Access Analytics & Our Partners
Access Analytics is strategically partnered with other entities to improve our ability to provide quality analytics and solutions to our customers.

Let Access Analytics help you find the way to improved performance through better use of analysis, all by leveraging off of what you have today.

If additional analysis tools are required for further exploration, Access Analytics is fully capable to work with you, guide you, or develop for you the needed tools.

Our Partners include:

Crescent Consulting

Crescent Consulting provides world-class business process and technological solutions by re-engineering existing processes for improving efficiency with cost effectiveness measures and optimizing client’s business opportunities.

Services executed by Crescent applies integrated solutions in key areas such as strategy, operations, mergers and acquisitions, technology and ultimately translating its efforts into increased share-holder value.

Phoenix Integration

Access Analytics uses Phoenix Integration's innovative technologies for creating, using, maintaining, integrating and optimizing modeling and simulation systems for our customers. We will use Phoenix's products, and tools, to build a framework that automates and manages your business analysis tools. These analysis tools can range from forecasting tools, to plant operations simulations to portfolio pricing tools. Moreover, your tools do not need to be on the same system or written in complementary tools. We use the Phoenix tool suite to integrate your business analytically and let you explore the opportunities for change, as well as to optimize them.

Sino-American Business Solutions

Sino-American Business Solutions has merged with Access Analytics and offers total solutions for American companies desiring to engage with China, and Chinese companies desiring to engage with America.

Sino-American Business Solutions professionals have over 30 years experience working in China. The company has access to essential market information on the Chinese and United States markets through the extensive experience of its staff and its alliances with leading marketing research firms in the USA, including Harbor Research as well as similar organizations in China.

Through our offices in Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Beijing, and Shanghai, Sino-American Business Solutions provides a full range of professional business advisory services to support the entry of an American company into China and a Chinese company into America.

Sino-American Business Solutions' long associations with the United States Embassy and Department of Commerce establishments in China also provides valuable access to important market data, trends, opportunities, assistance, and access to Chinese and American decision makers.

Also, our close relationships with leading global venture capital firms and experienced international law firms provide a unique breadth to our services, providing your company with a variety of information sources, business opportunities, plus financing and facilitating for your Chinese or American business expansion plans.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your company's entry into the Chinese and American markets.

Access Analytics International Academic Partner’s Program

Access Analytics International believes in innovation and partnering with academic institutions to facilitate and further, innovative solutions; in particular those solutions that address real world problems today and tomorrow. Our focus is on getting new analytics into the market place and sharing their success with the innovators.

Our academic program provides significant discounts on software licenses for Access Analytics’ products together with providing commercial development resources, channel, sales and marketing support, all with a success sharing model which recognizes and rewards innovators.

For more detailed information, please contact us and start getting your new analytics into the hands of the problem solvers that need them.

Interested in partnering with Access Analytics International?

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