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Access Analytics Provides Analysis and Solutions
Access Analytics International provides professional services in four specific areas which avails to our clients world-class caliber talent and solutions. We focus in those areas of advanced analytic capabilities to provide our customers, clients, and partners access to the best analytics together with world class support to assure success for all.

Method development, tuning, integration, and management for problems involving large data sets, very often with limited connectivity in the data.

This would include sparse linear algebraic problems, graph theoretic analysis, large model analysis, large data mining analysis, and iterative method solution development, integration and tuning.

For example we will provide services for our BCSLIB-EXT customers to integrate BCSLIB-EXT into their product offerings leveraging our in depth knowledge of the software suite to properly tune and quickly complete the integration effort.

Solution implementation for those problems with significant analytic content which requires mathematical as well as computational insights in order to effect a robust and reliable solution. This includes parallel program development as well as porting and tuning.

This also includes algorithm implementation in modern programming languages or scripts that will perform computationally as expected with commercial grade quality and documentation.

For example, for a large aerospace company we provided leadership and support to translate a large software suite to FORTRAN 90.

Solution architecture for those problems our clients have which do not have an immediate and known solution Access Analytics International can provide significant world renowned expertise in the areas of computational science, linear algebra, linear programming, statistical analysis, dynamic systems analysis, control theory, data analysis, and data mining.

For example for a small biotech firm we replaced their former very slow and very difficult to update expert system with a new analytic algorithm which sped processing by 2 orders of magnitude and eased change management to an hour process from a several week long process.

Business development and support is a strength of Access Analytics International due to the broad range of customers and the close relationships we develop.

Through our network of customers and suppliers we are able to uniquely identify and inform our network of emerging capabilities and opportunities. By being either a supplier to or client of Access Analytics International you have the opportunity to get access to the newest and most innovative analytics from around the world.

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